Friday’s Inspiration

Hey, how are you this week? I found steadiness and routine to be something I leaned on throughout. This week, I’m inspired by the magnolias all over Brooklyn. They are blooming, petals are falling, and it’s all so lovely! I appreciate their process, and how it forces you to slow down and pay attention to the way you’re standing, breathing and simply being. After the kiddos go down, I’ll be working on a letter for you this Sunday. If you’re not signed up, you can do so right here. And if you are signed up, make sure you check your inbox (and your spam).

Here’s what else inspired me this week:

I just received a sweet package of Act + Acre, and I’m relieved to try it for my scalp.

Finding peace in my body and in my mug, at once. And survey says I’m not the only one.

If not finding peace, at least listen to the primal scream. (the opening recordings made me laugh at first)

A city wide cookie sampler of NYC Bakeries! All proceeds go to ROAR.

It’s Black Maternal Health week. And this rings true. Love delivered

Such a sweet children’s book!

The beginning of Ramadan around the world


Thanks for being here. Have a beautiful weekend.


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