Friday’s Inspiration

Hey, how was your week? The kids are going to school full-time once again (goodbye hybrid classes!), and it was the most normal week we’ve had in a while. It was busy, delightful, foggy and so very strange. More soon. In the meantime, I’ve been listening to DMX and reminiscing about old music videos of him and Aaliyah with my sister. Every so often, a car passes my stoop and I hear another one of his hits move through the windows. It’s a bittersweet evening.

In the meantime, here are 7 things that inspired us this week:

Hello, my name is worth pronouncing

When not wearing orange skirts, I am going for knit dresses that are practical and sensual

Keeping love close (stunning)

Have you watched the Tina Turner documentary? I have, and I can’t stop thinking about all of her looks! They also remind me of my grandmother, who loved Tina Turner so much! She had so many vintage dresses that were similar to Tina’s. I love this profile on her many looks.

Dining out in the park season

If you read anything: “The pair have cast themselves in the latest public performance of the purity —> marriage morality play, one that we keep watching, keep demanding, keep celebrating, keep commodifying, regardless of how often it falls apart. Because to reject it is ultimately to reject organizing understandings of patriarchal power and control — and would force many to (at least partially!) reimagine how we orient our lives and society at large.”

Grief in translation

P.S Thank you for being here. I really appreciate it.

(Beautiful photograph of Joshua by Bex Day in a profile of Britain’s Pandemic Children in AnOther)

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