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So here’s the thing, I need to change things a bit. As most of you know, last summer, my second book was picked up by Dial Press! While I am incredibly excited, I knew going into it that it would require heavy lifting. What I didn’t anticipate was lots of starts and stops to the New York City Public School System, which meant constant scheduling and childcare shifts for our family and ultimately, my work life. Lately, we’ve found our ground and I’m thankful for a whole heck of a lot, but still, quite often, like most mothers in a pandemic, I find that I’m biting off more than I can chew. 

This site turns 10 (!) soon, and I have no real plans to change its life in this very small corner of the wide web. By every sense of the word, it’s my baby. It became my baby when I was raising my own baby, and I’m deeply invested in watching it grow along with me and us much longer than it already has. To do that though, I’m going to need just a little bit of support. With that said, I’m not sure who needs to hear this, but… we’re hiring!

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Interested in seeing posts earlier than 9 pm? ha! Or know someone interested? You can shoot us an email with Editorial Associate in the subject to latonya@latonyayvette.com. Please include a letter about yourself and links to any social handles! Can’t wait!

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