Hey, Be Right Back!

It is raining the prettiest kind of rain this evening. The house smells of turmeric and cabbage, and there’s opened vinegar sitting on the living room floor. Despite an empty sink earlier this afternoon, there looks like an explosion went off in the kitchen. And on the window that is still wide open in the night, lay pastel eggs in a paper egg carton.

There are several posts in my head and in our drafts, but this afternoon when I went to sit down to get it going I just couldn’t return again. I spent the morning (before the egg coloring and the mess) writing for an hour while the kids ran amuck and talked amongst themselves, under the prettiest morning light. If you read my newsletter on Monday, you mag also know I have a visitor this week. And with all of that (and then some), it felt like a good time to say BRB. I’ll be writing and mostly, catering to corners of other forms of magic away from this space for the next few days. I’m excited to finish planting hydrangeas with O, and color a one-day yard with R. Maybe we will sneak in a picnic and egg-hunt with family, too.

Most of all, I’m looking forward to my return on Monday to share all of the new posts, when it feels like the timing is right. I’ll still be on social a little (sharing our Easter baskets, of course) if you care to stay in touch.

Until then, be well and if you’re celebrating this weekend, Happy holidays!

P.S 8 things you may enjoy:

+ Listen to this wonderful conversation with Senator Raphael Warnock, goddamn America

+ Dye pastel eggs using things in your fridge

+ Remind yourself that Trans Rights Are Human Rights

+ Find a favorite local place to staycation

+ Read On Immolation

+ Purchase a bucket hat for sunnier days

+ Dance to Sault and other seasonal playlists curated by me

+ Laugh and laugh until your belly hurts



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