Friday’s Inspiration (On A Sunday)

How was your week? We are taking the morning slowly, and honestly it’s always my favorite part of the weekends. This evening, I’m hoping to get the kids in bed early to watch Meghan and Harry in conversation with Oprah tonight. Next week, we get a taste of spring here in the city, and I’m already planning outfits. I hope your weekend has been sweet!

Here’s what’s inspired me lately:

Movie theaters are open in NYC for the first time in a year, will you be visiting? Here’s a guide.

Other habits…etc

These photographs make me feel all the warm and fuzzy.

Solange x Black Planet, a beautiful documentation

The prettiest dress with vintage boots for warm days or sandals for even warmer

Hand dyed sheets got their first sleep

We are not ready, not in any form, not for this still-growing mountain of grief. 

Anything that inspired you? Would love to hear!

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