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Hey, how was your week? I almost wrote, how was your work? ha! It’s feeling like one of the most alive Friday nights here in Brooklyn. Sort of like an on-the-edge of spring buzz, though I can’t really put my finger on the real reason why. The snow today was the fatest, fluffiest and slowest kind, and it’s just moisture on the sidwalks. Maybe that’s the feeling in the air? Neverthless, I’m thankful for it.

Here’s what inspired me this week:

A bold new progressive vision for NYC?

These baskets I can’t stop thinking about. It feels like an insane expense, but baskets in my house often last forever! (or at least four years… that feels like forever with children).

Our family’s favorite film festival (for kids) bursts into the digital space with nine days of family-friendly shorts, interactive arts workshops, performances, dance parties, and more opportunities for families to get creative together! We’re so excited!

The Body Is Not An Apology (!!!)

These hats are the cutest and have me so excited about spring days and curly hair.

“What better way to honor her than to help someone else start their family?”

This week, my family donated to Feed The People Dallas Mutual Aid. You can find other ways to support our friends and family in Texas right this way.

I hope you’re safe, warm, and doing okay wherever you are. I’m sending my love to everyone in Texas right now.

One thought on “Friday’s Inspiration

  • Reply katherine February 28, 2021 at 11:00 am

    Another Friday post full of gems! Those baskets and that bucket hat – love love love.

    I read The Body is Not an Apology early on in the pandemic and it was so soothing and comforting. Everything Sonya Renee Taylor writes (and posts on IG) is worth paying attention to. She has a beautiful mind.

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