Friday’s Inspiration

Three mandarins, a coffee, a blackberry scone, two boiled eggs and a variety of snacks later, there’s not much to show for Friday in the physical sense. But during a week where I didn’t get to move as a workout, because I actually (it’s rare) spent most of the week in motion, this feels all right. The week zoomed by and this Friday has asked that I work in a different way. So the tasks got chopped down, I am still in sweats, and my pecking at whatever remains in my desolate fridge will end with a pizza pie shared with two furious eaters and a movie as dates.

Today, as weekend rain will likely have us in for most of it, I am inspired by the crafts we will likely embark on, the comfy clothes we will wear and the heat our old radiators will push out to keep us warm and things slow.

Here’s what else:

A Children’s Book for Inauguration Day. Go Grace, go.

“Success in and of itself is not a bad thing, any more than wine is a bad thing. Both can bring fun and sweetness to life. But both become tyrannical when they are a substitute for—instead of a complement to—the relationships and love that should be at the center of our lives.”

Mostly, kinky. A listen other than news.

Do it yourself, slowly and with care.

I know I’m not flying, but still using.

I Have A Dream

‘Tis the season to satisfy any taste

For the rainy days right around the corner

Hoping you have a cozy one wherever you are!


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