A Scarf As Winter Gear? Yes Please.

Every winter, I go into it with big plans to buy a big hat that fits my big hair. And while I’ve been successful in the summer months, and with cornrows, I’ve been a little less lucky with my hair out with a typical winter’s hat. Upon realization (which happens right about now every winter), I usually opt for a scarf. But not any scarf. The scarf needs to be silk, or at least have enough room to allow a silk bonnet or silk scarf under it. It needs to cover most of my head, and make its way successfully around my forehead. More than that, it needs to cover my ears.

This is not genius or a surprise by any means, but a thick scarf (or two) around your head in the winter does wonders in the warmth department. As for styling, it hardly ever disappoints.

Here’s one way I styled this scarf I haven’t been able to remove, with a favorite new winter coat, this is equally addictive. Next week, I’ll be sharing another way.

At this point in winter, I care mostly about layering techniques. What I wear on the top (my coat and scarf) tend to be tools for keeping warm and attempts at keeping it cute. Underneath, there’s copious amounts of heattech and hand warmers shoved in unassuming purses for obvious purposes.

For those wondering, my coat is c/o Marimekko, my scarf is from Linea Germania, my pants are hand-me-down Ganni, my boots are vintage Coach, my purse is Orla Kiely and my earrings are J.Crew.

Yes, a hat that would fit (and still delivers in the color department with my fro) is welcomed, but I like to think I’m doing just fine with a good scarf or two… or three. What’s on your head lately?

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2 thoughts on “A Scarf As Winter Gear? Yes Please.

  • Reply Kia Love January 31, 2021 at 7:13 pm

    I just started doing this as well. So much easier than trying to stuff my fro into a beanie.

    • Reply Liz Parsons February 12, 2021 at 4:40 pm

      Scarves have been my go to as well. Wrapped around my neck most of the time, but when it rains I can spin it around and it covers my head. I pretty much wear the same two sweaters every other day and just change up my scarf. ❤️

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