The Hottest Accessory This Winter!

Yesterday, I grabbed a pair of custom mustard gloves to keep me warm for a chillier afternoon. Of course, I have others that do a far better job. But these fit snug around my nail beds, my wrist remained open for gold bangles, and the leather is just starting to get that worn deep golden hue. A few weeks before that, for a particular sunny day, I grabbed a pair of vintage 60s style sunglasses that somehow didn’t fog. They’re this orange/coral tone and paired with my fro, take me back a few decades or so. This winter though, I only care about one accessory really….

A mask. 

In the summer it was a struggle, but done nonetheless during a heat index of 107. I realized soon enough that while the thicker cotton was said to be better at protecting me, it left me souping around the city. And the thin ones, while pretty, didn’t stand a chance when it comes to effictiveness.

As cases surge at astounding numbers in the United States and across Europe, I hope the use of a mask in mass is more widely accepted (more specifically in the U.S). While others struggle with Covid-19 fatigue, I wonder if the fatigue would exist if we all believed in the science behind a small piece of cotton? An accessory and health-must wrapped in one. It surely isn’t a political topic, but it can be categorized as a fashion fun one if you’d like.

Just the other day, the CDC announced that masks help protect you not just those around you. There’s also hopeful news on a vaccine from Pfizer

My favorite masks lately are from Baggu. They cover my nose and chin fully. I can make sure the mask is unique for the bridge of my nose. And get this, when I wear lipstick and talk under one, my lipstick doesn’t smudge!

(Written in playfulness with all seriousness. Lets protect one another.This post has affiliate links. If you choose to purchase something, I may earn a small commission.)

One thought on “The Hottest Accessory This Winter!

  • Reply Samantha November 14, 2020 at 8:02 pm

    Thank you so much, LaTonya — I relish everything you write, and have appreciated how you push masks as a fun and exciting accessory, in addition to their essentialness. I just bought a pack of Baggu masks and can’t wait to try them!

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