One Style Swap I’m Taking Up This Season

These days, there’s not much to change in my own wardrobe. Rather, there’s not much I’m open to changing or even thinking about. To change would mean room to, of course. And while I am open to adding (see below), changing feels just so…extra.

While change is debatable, pivoting is not. So I guess I’m pivoting. I’m thinking of a simple veggie meal instead of a turkey for family (when I don’t even eat turkey). I’m thinking of making a simple pie with the kids instead of three, and a Christmas movie instead of a virtual (?) Macy’s Day parade. In addition, I’m thinking of getting outside for a tiny family hike. And with that, swapping holiday heels for a pair of boots that will be perfect for whatever I find along the way.

Frankly, I could do without a holiday dress, too.

Alright, your turn!

Boots are from Hunter via a Instagram partnership, skirt is Taylor Jay, Cropped Jacket is a gift from Ilana Kohn, scarf is vintage.

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