Monday’s Inspiration

Hey, how was your weekend? We are dealing with slight congestion, sneezing, and even a fever that didn’t last for more than a few hours. On this grey day, there’s swab testing and school work in our future. Though I am sure the only thing we do have is a bunch of kids who are handling their all-remote school quite well, and a parent swimming through this odd reality of thinking a cold is always much more than a cold. Other than that, it’ll be a short week with days and evenings spent outside (if we can).

This Monday, I’m inspired by simple things with just as much care as we can muster this week.

Here’s more:

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Between The World and Me on HBO!!!

Earned myself a good half hour of time while the kids sorted all of their art things!

Our traditional film festival will turn virtual this year. Doesn’t mean it won’t be full of gentle, colorful animated films, curious animals and adventurous kids alike.


(Photograph of Minnie Ripperton and her children Maya and son Marc)

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