Friday’s Inspiration

Hey, how are you doing this Friday? Really? Truly? In therapy earlier this week I said that the day after the election, I could almost feel myself outside of myself. I could clearly see how I was dissociating as a process. The next day, I read, I painted, I took a shower, I drank wine, and spoke to friends and family. And ultimately, I turned a corner, as I always do. It was wonderful to kind of see it in full though. How the body processess (and sometimes not) what’s happening. Would love to know how you’re doing. We are headed out to dance tonight with friends, and this weekend I’m having a stoop sale!

These words: “Justice, has no timetable. Justice just has a destination and that is the future.” @staceyabrams

I’m open to this change: 9 Ways outdoor dining will change New York

Somehow this is staying on under the mask, and for that I AM GRATEFUL.

Remembering this body and the score it keeps.

The cutest forest masking tape, because we never have enough and someone is reading a lot and taking lots of spelling quizes that need taping and celebrating.

Oh, Cécile, and listening to her at night. And the oppurtunity to dance with the kids a bit more.

And yes, ugly nail polish that makes you feel so good!

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