How Are You Caring For Your Mental And Emotional Health This Election Season?

My hips are still sore from moves I did on Monday in an afternoon class. I’m sure I needed more than I thought. My arms are like jelly from the same day and a different set of moves. And the always-pilling clean laundry that I must fold tonight and the vacuuming I squeezed in this morning, reminds me of all that’s done in a single day. The overlapping fluid definition of labor.

The lines for home and work are more blurred than ever. Especially considering this election season, where what and how we do at home is directly impacted by who we put in office and how our voting mirrors our and our community’s everyday life.

While my overall goal on election day is to vote down the Working Families Party line (like I have done in previous elections), I am also itching at relief of some sort for many—something I know that is almost universally felt.  A slight release of the valve. I acknowledge that blur and combustible pressure, and in the same, I know what I do in my body, in my mind, and in my home lately feels manageable and necessary to keep at simply concerning.  All of the tools that I incorporate each day, allow for a thought process that exists outside of my home. Yes, the tools are tired, overused and no-longer oiled. But I have them, and I’ll use them, likely for the remainder of the year.

Does having tools to get through mean you’re without a meltdown? No. But it does mean that each week, I find myself leaning on something different to avoid that, or to give into it. Even acknowledging the multitude of existence right now, helps.

Here’s what else:

+ Working out at least three times a week. Five times if I have the time (I rarely do). I have been exercising regularly since last December. I’ve realized that it has given me a necessary outlet for many of my feelings.

+ Writing lists. I’ve mentioned this before, but it helps. With the election it’s what I need to do until then and that day. For overall life, it’s an everyday act that allows my mind to sort through each day.

+ Talking. Sounds silly, right? But I’ve been speaking with my family and friends every single day about the election and life. This also goes for conversations I have with you all too. I find that verbal processing is deeply helpful for my mind.

+ Listening to music throughout the day.

Another friend of mine has been abstaining from the news and will do so for a few weeks. She said she’s felt so much better since. Another friend has gone to stay with family in a sunnier and quieter place, so she feels grounded as the election approaches. And after a few weeks off the wagon, I will start to implement strict screen time use for myself.

Would love to hear about your ways!

(Photograph of Eartha Kitt. Source unknown)

2 thoughts on “How Are You Caring For Your Mental And Emotional Health This Election Season?

  • Reply Meg Grant October 22, 2020 at 11:47 am

    Finding ways to ground myself in the present and let go of anxieties, fears, and worry, even if it is just for 5 minutes. Taking baths, walks, sipping tea, yoga, anything to allow myself to detach a bit from the world and attach to myself. Finding the fire to continue to fight.

    • Reply latonya October 22, 2020 at 11:51 am

      I love this Meg. Yes baths with epsom salt has been super restorative for me as well. Sending you love.

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