Friday’s Inspiration

Happy Friday! Here’s to hoping we all have a sweet weekend celebrating in all the ways that we can. I’m excited to play with some eyeshadow on an equeally excited River. She’s dressing up as a Goddess! And of course this week, I’m inspired by the way we can find simple things fun as a family and also as individuals.

Here’s what else inspired me this week:

After The Rain.

The feedback and conversations on this post

We kissed through our masks

“Election Season” via Kerry Washington and Glenon Doyle

you not a noplace
mister with his hands on you
he got his hands on
The Spirit Writing of Lucille Clifton

The love for this playlist. Thank you! So happy you’re enjoying it.

The masks I can’t stop wearing (hands down my favorite).

When tones and home meet.

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