Friday’s Inspiration

How was your week? It’s been raining non stop in NYC and I’m looking forward to a sunnier and slower weekend. There’s plenty of inspiration to be found, and I’m happy ot have found some that was linkable, but also in the everyday moments of life.

Here’s what’s inspired me this week:

This poignant message from Mister Rogers after the September 11th, 2011 terrorist attacks to his older generation of viewers for their own children, as a PSA.

This sewing machine, which is a first for R. Can;t wait to create all of the things.


Single Parents Finding Love: Over Zoom, of Course

The cutes and coziest spotted pajamas getting us ready for chillier nights.


Joy was telling the truth. Joy was making a song that I didn’t care ever saw the light of day. Joy was taking a trip alone, and just sitting and staring at the water and seeing my reflection and thinking to myself, Damn I’m fine. Joy was having nothing on my calendar, and choosing what to do with my time. Joy was having a friend who didn’t care how ugly I cried, always inviting and encouraging me to just be, however that looked that day. Joy was discovery. Joy was having someone show me beautiful worlds of their own and trusting in the journey. Joy was letting go of control. Joy was just sitting. Joy was seeing how far I had come and waving at my shadows. Joy was accepting that the work is never done, but that every day is a choice.

Anything inspired you this week?

(Photograph via the Fred Rogers foundation. This post has affiliate links. If you choose to purchase something, I may earn a small commission.)

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