Friday’s Inspiration

Hey, how was your week?

The sun is shining here in the city, and it’s warm enough to leave our sweaters at home still. We’re getting ready to go on a bike ride for a pizza dinner, and I’m so excited about it.

This week, I’ve been inspired by the few masked conversations I have had with other school parents. It’s been a small but welcomed addition to life lately, and I’m thankful for as long as I can get it. I’ve realized how much I missed community in this way.

Here’s what’s also inspired me this week:

This song that River has on repeat, and it’s so special as I watch the sun dance along with her.

Bento boxes that have been amazing for easy lunches every day.

The shocking importance of Pennsylvania (as a city liberal)

“Our racialized lived experiences as Black Latin Americans means being routinely gaslit, silenced, spoken over, and weaponized by the descendants of the castas who never had the integrity to interrogate the methodology of sexual abuse that produced the region’s so-called ‘mixture.’ These mixtures were not unique, novel, special, nor unlike any colonial legacy of mixing anywhere else on the planet. I am a negra, Black, wherever I go.”

I’m so excited about this shop’s restock this SUNDAY!!!

My new ring and the importance of reminders

Black Futures

Evidence that a little goes a long way.

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