Friday’s Inspiration

How was your week? I’ve spent a lot of time reading, working and staying close to those I love. There’s been wine nights and high spirits all around. There’s never ending conversation and piles of laundry too. Cheers to a new month and another week of finding inspiration no matter what.

Here’s my list:

+ This gorgeous bedroom! The tone of that quilt and that wall. Wow!

+ “That sort of conditioning to instability leads to all sorts of decisions. Some people look outward, for a way to change the society that has fostered that precarity. And some respond by looking inward, frantically trying to maintain what they’ve carved out for themselves. That turn inward is often facilitated by overtly and covertly racist ideas about poverty, addiction, crime, prison, education, and so much more. But the animating principle: self-preservation. Of class position, of course, but also placement in the racial hierarchy, dominance of religious beliefs, and general worldview. They want to maintain the status quo because, at least in this moment, it continues to favor them.”

+ The call to style brown loafers with tights and mini dresses starting about… now.

+ The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle The Master’s House as a necessary pocket read.

+Something new for the lips with CBD...

+ This sibling band is so cute and is giving me just the right amount of Friday joy

+ A really good time to join DEMO CREW and GOTV

Anything that inspired you this week?

(Photography by Julie Blackmon. Other words of mine can be found over on my weekly letter. This post has affiliate links. If you choose to purchase something, I may earn a small commission)

2 thoughts on “Friday’s Inspiration

  • Reply Georgia October 3, 2020 at 7:30 am

    The Anne Helen Petersen read was such a good one…in 2016 I had just moved to New York from Florida. I had left behind many family members planning to vote for Trump. I disagreed with their views but the conversation white liberals had about Trump supporters back then- the dismissive comments and essentially painting them all with one brush- simply isn’t helpful in understanding why someone like Trump got elected in the first place. Sadly it’s still hard to change someone’s mind about things like equity and what’s fair in society. But at least this year I feel like I am having the right conversations with Trump voters.

    • Reply latonya October 5, 2020 at 9:41 am

      Hi Georgia,

      Yes, I am so happy you’re having those conversations and found Anne Helen’s piece spot on. I really liked it, as it dug into that complexity. BUT as it still got into the feeling fragile and the reality that this often has unconscious or conscious racial underpinnings.


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