6 Cool NYC Strangers On What They’re Wearing For Transitional Autumn Weather

While the weather is quite rainy, a few days from now calls for a sunny streak. Lately, I’ve enjoyed getting to know my autumn clothes once again, and seeing what pieces from summer I can translate into the season. I think what I find truly exciting about this particular autumn is the obvious; at the start of it, certain pleasantries just started to become available to New Yorkers. So I find myself interested in what people wear but also how they wear what they wear, because our movements are naturally transitioning too. 

Here’s more of their autumn looks:

“I love dressing up no matter what season. Though Autumn is fun because I call it feather weather. I get to wear lots of layers. My whole wardrobe is handmade or secondhand. My outfit is handmade. My inspiration is pigeons and flowers. I try to look like them as much as possible. As far as this Autumn in particular, I love the peaceful vibe. It’s nice to have a break from the usual crowds. I feel very free and silly. It’s a good time to be in nyc. ” Mother Pigeon

“I like to keep it funky and fun. I love one stand out piece, and I always make sure my mask works with my attire.

Goth + Sporty with a bit of humor. ” Gina of Store Front Project

“My main approach to style this Fall is to allow myself to experiment more. I’m freeing myself up to express with layering and proportions. It’s my hope someone could make a pretty accurate guess at how I’m feeling by what they see.” His hat is Acne and cardigan is Billy Reid. Brett

“My autumn look is always layers.” – Cheeky Maa

“My recipe for autumn dressing is layering up my spring pieces, mixing them with some new fall pieces and finally getting my chunky/ankle boots out and pairing them with everything. Autumn can be unpredictable in NYC – warm during the day and cold in the morning/evenings so I feel like layering is the best way to transition from summer to autumn. I also like to keep my autumn outfits colorful or at least add little pops of color through accessories.” – Maitri and Ari Maitri’s boots are from Josefinas.

“During Autumn I love to take advantage of oversized cardigans and incorporating my vintage sambas or cowboy boots in with a handful of rings. I also tend to reach for a cream color in gloomy weather to make my mood a bit better.” Ella Willis

What are you wearing during these transitional days?

Thank you to all of the lovely people who let us take their photos for this. I am inspired by each of your looks. Film photographs by Kelsey Cherry. This post has affiliate links. If you choose to purchase something, I may earn a small commission.

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