Parenting Concessions…

In this current climate and this ultimate school transition, I’ve been thinking an awful lot about concessions. 

In this wobbly age of nine and six, in the midst of several compounded social events, it’s no wonder why parents all over the world are considering what to remove off of their feet-in-the-sand list when it comes to their children. I am not absent from the millions. And as my children begin their school year here in the city next week, I am of course taking this all into stock. Of course, my attempt isn’t as generous as it is simplyy survival.

At any given moment on any given day with my children, I am emitting energy in the parenting sphere. I took pride in this desire to never not be down to be a parent once, but in reality, I don’t have that option right now. The same likely goes for you too.

So what am I willing to concede on? Turns out, when really thinking it out, an awful lot. 

And you?

2 thoughts on “Parenting Concessions…

  • Reply Sylvia Patton September 16, 2020 at 12:20 pm

    Thank you. For me it is the reality of knowing the possibility of what I desire for her may not exist anymore. I desired for her to join the campus of one of the top Middle Schools here in our city. To watch her grow within herself spiritually, mentally, and emotionally through the much needed experience of Middle School. Well plans changed! So we keep persevering and living around and within what we can. So it is still Homeschooling for now and organizing in home Childcare as ai was offered a job. We never know what a season will bring. And I’ve been heavily considering a trip to the Beach. Again me as Mommy realizing this is our reality and the living around and through starts with my acceptance of it.

    • Reply latonya September 16, 2020 at 10:39 pm

      Thank you Sylvia for sharing!!! The beach saved the last bit of our summer soul, i think you should do it.

      Sending so much love to you!!!!

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