Friday’s Inspiration

Today I ended one of my last writing workshops until the winter. I am adjusting to what may be ahead for fall and work. In the meantime, I am gearing up to launch another round of things in the shop, and working on a few fun projects. I am starting a new book, and feel myself returning to another. And right now, I am sipping a glass of wine in celebration of Black Is King, which makes this Friday an exciting one.

I’m excited about a weekend of writing, fun, and plenty of dancing.

Here’s what else has inspired me this week:

This song


these moves with them

For the first time in 20 years, because, “She was just like me. She was just like you. And like everyone who dies unexpectedly, she had plans. Plans for a future filled with responsibility and work and friends and laughter.”

Fair trade Short shorts forever.

This doula raised $3 million to build a digital platform for reproductive education….. spoiler: she’s my friend.

Another kind of important checklist

Jackie 1961

“There has to be a place and a time where we process this together, how it has impacted us, how we have changed.”

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(Photo: Chile, 1997. Photograph: © David Alan Harvey/Magnum Photos in Magnum Streetwise.)

One thought on “Friday’s Inspiration

  • Reply Susan Krzywicki August 1, 2020 at 11:32 am

    It must be scary to think about school this fall when you have children your ages. It seems that this, though, is the crux of almost everything: how do we put children front and center to help them grow into the adults that are their best selves? It requires a radical re-thinking and a turn away from a future of materialism and power structures.

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