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The word pivot has been floating around alot lately. Whether it’s parenting, design, or our career. A brief scroll on instagram outlines the importantce of this; everyone is figuiring out life hour by hour and day by day. In this particular summer season in which the usual course is to cast out forethought and worry, the scope of what we must do now is a tricky one. We have to think about not worrying. We have to think about not planning. Pivoting, these days, is the largest dose of humble and humanity. To pivot. And so we do.

I write you from the corner desk in my room, as a tropical storm whips the trees branches and curses the cats. My time at the dining table as I tapped away while the kids got dirty and hot outside has been postponed. Another day. Another time. Pivot. The kids are wild and manic, like the darkened sky has also brewed something in them too. I am so close to whipping out the ipads, though I am currently not even on parenting duty. Just the sound of them… pivot. I’ve spent the day on calls instead of working on this. Another, pivot.

Next week is my birthday, and it is also the start of my last Storytelling Through The Seasons workshop. A workshop born out of this particular time for people who need a place for refuge. And of course, for their stories. It is three weeks of love, laughter, and lots of sharing and learning. In this season of constantly pivoting, this way to consistently show up has been balm for the soul. If you’d like to sign up, you can do so here. We begin next week!

Here’s what people are saying:

“I appreciated very much the experience of being part of the lively, nurturing community of writers you gathered from around the world, and learned a lot about myself and my relationship to the craft of writing. Your prompts and thoughtful facilitation of the read-alouds reconnected me with a sense of curiosity about the stories I have to tell that I had long since forgotten, and offered just the right amount of space and guidance for the journey.” Clare

“I was nervous to sign up for the workshop, but something kept nudging me to take the plunge. I’m so glad I did. LaTonya’s weekly prompts inspired and challeneged me to go deep within. Being in a group setting—immediatly felt like a circle of trust. It was the best gift I have given myself in a long time. I can’t wait to take the next workshop.” Katherine

“Having a place, the space and a community built within these virtual walls that this pandemic has created has been something that I needed more than I realized. The importance of being vulnerable and expressing our thoughts, our musings through this workshop has been cathartic and deeply impactful. I am so happy for the new faces that I have met and all the talent that trickles out into the world and now into the walls of my tiny apartment, and it would not have happened if LaTonya did not create this sanctuary.” Gabby

Here are few things that inspired me this week:

“A new book reshapes our perspective. It gives us a different lens through which to see the world. Something new to stand up for. This collection of emerging voices is just that. It’s a call to stand by new ideas. To be inspired by fresh viewpoints. To shape our future by championing progressive thinkers. To stand by the books.”

This beautiful beeswax Bré

A word on mutual aid

Speaking of a slab of cement, and a table to sit on top of it…

“I learned that when I am traumatized, I make a line and I say dangerous/safe,” says Coel. “Sometimes when you stay in that mode too long, the line becomes good/bad, nice/evil, angel/devil, not me/me, friends/enemies. But the line is not real. I’m not saying remove the line, but if we understand that it isn’t real, it may enable us to look at the thing that we are calling over there differently. And when you acknowledge it and look at it — that enemy, that evil, that bad thing — the more you learn how to master it and temper it.”

Have a beautiful weekend!

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