Happy Birthday, Woman Of Color!

Today Woman Of Color is ONE! I wanted to pop in and share this video (which I don’t believe I’ve ever shared on here). It’s from my launch party, which was almost a year ago exactly. I am so so thankful for all of your love and support throughout this year-long journey. It has all gone by so very fast. I’m blown away.

Thank you all for sharing space with me. Thank you for attending the events and readings. Thank you for buying the book, or renting it from your local library. Thank you for letting me share my story in the book and continually share it on here in the process. Thank you for letting it sit on your shelves and into a piece of your heart. Thank you for all of the hugs, in person and virtually. I will forever hold on to them.

Thank you. Thank you. Time and distance has no true measure of love, and I lean on that as I look back on this year and we are are today. You all have forever been part of this history with me. Thank you.

If you haven’t purchased Woman Of Color, you can do that right here. If you’re trying to figure out how to support my next journey as a writer in this space and beyond, I have set up a Patreon, where I’m offering a few workshops (or you can just support ths blog monthly), if you have the means.


Most of all, I just want to send you all a tight hug and love. And while I wish I could send everyone a book, I can send to someone or someone they love. Please enter to win a special Giveaway over on instagram.

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