Earth Talk: 4 Important Things To Take In Today (And Everyday)

Happy Earth Day! I’m mostly celebrating inside my apartment. Chances are, you are too. If so, meet me on my IG LIVE at 5:15 pm EST as I have a conversation with my friend, Anja Tyson. We’ll dive into Earth Day, conscious living, apartment living, New York living, and just plain LIVING. Which is so important right now. For now, Anja shares 4 important things to consider…

“1. Earth day is usually so focused on being outside, maybe today is a good day to look at your consumption inside your own home. Can you switch to green energy with your power company? What kind of cleaning products are you using? How energy efficients are your appliances?

2. Earth day is also an indigenous resources education day. Talk with your kids about the history of colonialism across the world because colonialism is about resources. And this still impacts the way oppressed communities in all countries are policed and legislated today.

3. If you can’t go outside and you’re in front of your computer, look up your local elected officials and research their enviromental policies AND THEIR HISTORICAL ENVIROMENTAL POLICY SUPPORTS.

4. Take a moment to research affordable CSA’S or other ways to support local agriculture. Local (regional) agriculture needs your support as they continually face conventional mega-corporations. They are less likely to us pesticides, and produce is grown locally which is better for your family and your immunue system. CSAs prevent food waste because they do not adhere to grocery story aesthetic standards. any CSAs are prohibitively expensive, but there are some that do exist that may be affordable for your family. “

Thank you, Anja! You can join our conversation in a little bit right here.

2 thoughts on “Earth Talk: 4 Important Things To Take In Today (And Everyday)

  • Reply gm April 24, 2020 at 12:33 am

    We have it kind of easy where we live, which is Southern California— we have solar panels for the electricity and a yard with a bunch of fruit trees and a compost bin, and we bought a whole-house fan so that we can pass on the A/C on all but the hottest nights. Where we fall down is the car culture here— although like everyone else, lately we hardly drive at all. Our college son uses public transport, so that helps. I guess I keep trying to think of what’s the next thing we can improve.

  • Reply Anja Tyson April 24, 2020 at 11:43 am

    Los Angeles has a burgeoning organic recycling collection program that needs all the support it can get! If you’re looking for more to do, make it known in your community that you can and WILL utilize this program, and try to gather as much support from your friends and neighbors as possible. 🙂

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