5 Style Components In 5 Minutes

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be seeking joy out of my closet at home. With that in mind, I hope the same for you. In the spirit of fun and style, I’ll pick 5 things to wear in 5 minutes. Of course, this is an honor system…

If you’re playing along at home, here’s a bonus: you can’t go back and change what you’ve already picked out.

I’m writing this to you from my revolving kids-are-in-bed sweats and my designated evening perch at the dining room table. These days, I change my outfits more than reasonably possible. The mornings are early—Google Meet meetings require me to be presentable. And my own high-functioning brain reminds me that I am the kind of person that needs to be dressed by 9 on most days of the week to ward off a potential sloth-like mood. The mix of what I need to present and what I need to present to my mind is a funny little dance. I’ve got it down. I know it. And to be fair, it makes the swap of clothes during the hours of mostly going nowhere easier to celebrate.

Overall, when I switch out in these sweats and before my shower and bath of real night clothes, I feel as if the entire day was a bit of play. Not just a play in changing the spaces in which I work to allow myself to put on different working and thinking caps. But a play within and on my body as well. You’re leaving but you’re not. You’re meeting friends, but you’re not. You’re sitting down for the late night pre-bath work load after a long day out and about, but you’re not. There’s no shame in playing dress up at 30, I say.

Where am I going with this look? I started to think of the inevitable transitional date nights last fall. The nights the sitter came after the kids’ went to sleep and tapped me out. Practical and eclectic at once. It reminds me of my jaunts around Brooklyn and made me look forward to them once again too.

Even if no place is truly open for me to enjoy in the near future, at least then I can get dressed up and take a walk. I can play dress up in my body and in my mind. But most of all, I can experience what I once missed so much during these epic two months.

Here’s my five:

Mara Hoffman Ribbed Cotton Dress

Rebecca Taylor jeans

Vintage cream blazer (similar here)

Vintage shoes purchased in Berlin. (similar at Revolve)

Su’Juk Sunglasses

Alright, what say you?

From Brooklyn with love. Over and out.

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2 thoughts on “5 Style Components In 5 Minutes

  • Reply Sarah Smith May 22, 2020 at 1:36 pm

    love love love this whole look

    • Reply latonya May 22, 2020 at 1:42 pm

      Thanks, Sarah!

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