Motherhood Right Now

Motherhood right now is teaching old lessons, soapy fingertips and a bit of positivity. It is sounding out words for one and remembering site words. And for the other, it is a chapter book, cuddled in bed with pages as turns for both of us.

It is, responsibility lessons, like making your bed or not making us all late with too slow of a walk. It is in reminders on how to leave things for others and how to pick up things for them too. Mostly, it is setting a routine in a weird routine season, post one vacation and pre-testing coupled with another school-break.

It is early mornings for me, when the sun is not out. And earlier mornings for them, when the sun is still hidden. Motherhood right now, is warmer days and long nights, and dinners no longer by candlelight. It is, a shutters open kind of motherhood, a grab the colors, maybe fold the sweaters and leave the jacket unzipped kind of motherhood.

Right now, mostly, it is in the lessons of the above and the things we know and very much don’t. I’m thankful for the lessons of care, community, calm and moment by moment movement parenthood is teaching me right now.


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  • Reply Sylvia Patton March 17, 2020 at 7:05 pm

    Motherhood right now for me was putting my daughter back in homeschool for her mental health and allowing her to start her work instead without an alarm but when she wakes up. Motherhood is doing a subject per day versus all subjects daily and taking breaks in between. It means carpet cleaning and no animals for a while and being back to taking practice DMV permit test. It is scripture writing and prayer when it is still dark rather than bright and early morning. It is small multiple meals during the day and no coffee for a while. It is shopping on Rainbow to budget $60 a month in clothes (mainly dresses) because she has finally stopped growing and she would like more pretty dresses. It is turning Alexa off and letting nature be our music and enjoying shows on the ipad through a one year Apple tv subscription. Motherhood is amazon decor, minimal in black, white, and purple while making photo walls from Etsy prints…supporting small businesses. It is purchasing new Enchantimals for her to play with and ordering candle wax scent bars and giving the oils a break. Motherhood right now is neurologist emails and us praying and listening to sermons together occasionally taking cold walks around the local construction. It is tapping her fingers when she bites on them and being there even more for the little things…like taking her plate to her and not fussing about her not washing the dishes.

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