A Satur (Day) Movie

The other day while on the phone, collectively freaking out about what to do with our children and social distancing, my sister reminded me of Eve’s Bayou. Social distancing seems like a strange fruit right now. Surely, full of lots of movies that will make you laugh and cry. And while it may seem masochistic to move for the latter, there’s just something about Eve’s Bayou, that I’m happy to add to my Saturday movie list right now.

Surely, I look back in slight horor as I think of my 7 year-old self gulping this movie like sweet tea. I watched it so much, that years later, even when I didn’t watch it, I couldn’t stop thinking of it. The movie felt like everyone’s family, and I often caught a glimpse of my own in each of the characters’ faces. It was Cicely’s demeanor that intrigued me, and Eve’s sweetness that felt familiar. And it was Mozelle’s style and stature, that exploded from the screen and personafied black womanhood.

There’s an entire part of the movie that focuses on isolation (especially as children) fear, defiance and compliance. It’s hard not to see the connectiveness 23 years later.

If you’re not feeling too fragile to watch, might I suggest it this weekend when you’re wondering how to make a Saturday afternoon feel somewhat extrodinary in strange circumstances.

Anything on your watch list?

P.S thank you for the documentary list!

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