What To Wear When: You’re Between Seasons

If it wasn’t obvious from yesterday’s post, I’m a bit between seasons. At once, I am staying cozy and cuddled on the sofa; or grabbing a sweat shirt and chunky boots. And in another single moment, I am looking for the bright pop of color and planning spring scents.

Here’s an in-between season look for fun and also inspiration, if you happen to be on the cusp, like me.

Besides layering dresses with tights and turtlenecks, I love easing white pants into my normal rotation, worn with a plain white shirt, and a chunky cardigan layered for warmth.

Additionally, there’s still plenty of time to get use out of these things separately in the spring. Your favorite turtleneck with a pair of pedal pushers, do well. And a dress with a pair of sneakers or boots, sans an under (or outer layer), works perfectly.

I’m wearing a Ace & Jig dress, and a orange turtlenck from Theory of Gaia (similar here), with these hoops.

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