Friday’s Inspiration

This weekend the kids’ and I are in Miami for mid-winter vacation. We’re soaking up lots of sun and swimming, and I’m currently wearing a facemask while they watch a movie before bed. I really needed the sun this year. Overall, I think a break for warm weather for a personality like mine is so necassary. Though its fairly very new to me. I can tell the difference. If I had to stay home, I’d fine a happy medium for sure.

Here’s what inspired me this week:

Saved my trip.

And this Dramamine, too.

Her radical proposition is that we practice “full surrogacy” by abolishing the family. That means caring for each other not in discrete private units (also known as nuclear households), but rather within larger systems of care that can provide us with the love and support we can’t always get from blood relations—

This tomato acne-fighting face mask on my face right this minute. Anything you love?

Love this black Barbie collection by Shiona Turini

I recently shared that i’m still with Bernie (4 years later), but I love Warren and she crushed it.

I heard from a facialist that I need to wear sunblock, so I’ve been using the CeraVe with sunblock, because I love tbe simplicity of the brand. Moisturizer and sunblock seems like the easiest choice, right?

Let black girls be children

I hope you have a great weekend.

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