13 Things That Brought Me Joy This Week

Last week, in the middle. Feeling weary. Took this picture of the sun hanging low in the living room as I sat on the floor and worked. Sent to someone I love. And in celebration of writing it all day (again) here are 13 things that brought me joy this week:

  1. A clean apartment c/o my house cleaner, who is a God send.
  2. Natural nails and not minding one bit.
  3. A sweet baby in the stroller, giggling, kicking and smiling at me.
  4. The sun. THE SUN.
  5. River reading The Very Hungry Catipillar to Oak in her bed last night. Making him count the fruit with each read, as if I were reading to him.
  6. The mild Brooklyn temperatures that allowed me to bundle up the kids a little bit less this week so far.
  7. New underwear that feel supportive and snug. you know, just in that new way.
  8. Flowers I bought for myself last night on a whim, and put beside my bed.
  9. River and Oak playing Slips and Ladders two days in a row on their own, without request.
  10. These beautiful photos early this morning.
  11. Writing at night by candlelight. Feeling the return to myself a bit.
  12. The epic dance party to Sam Cooke that happened. It was way past their bedtime, and there was couch jumping, too.
  13. The feeling of looking forward to working out, in a deep body and mental health sense, I can’t quite put my finger on. But it feels damn good.

Okay, your turn! What’s brought you joy this week?

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One thought on “13 Things That Brought Me Joy This Week

  • Reply famapa February 7, 2020 at 3:14 pm

    Hey LaTonya, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, but never left a comment before. Your blog is such a beautiful and soulful space, and this post here brought ME joy this week! Here are some other ones…

    – the sunny but cold weather we’ve been having here in London, which has made my daily morning swims at the Ladies Pond absolutely magical
    – watching my hubby and son cycle off to school on their new tandem bike
    – facetiming with my mum in France and my BF in Amsterdam
    – trying out a new ridiculously tasty recipe (korean style roasted cauliflower) and thinking I can’t wait until I make it again
    – watching an old Andre Kertesz doc as well as a Piet Oudolf doc on YouTube
    – listening to a podcast about walking (the Hurry Slowly episode with Alissa Walker), and then getting off the tube a stop early, so I could walk the last bit, and enjoying every second of it
    – picking up the prints from three rolls of film I had developed, seeing pictures from three and half years ago up until last summer, and finding so many pictures I don’t remember taking (THE joy of shooting on film)
    – having to let two ducks cut me up on my swim on Tuesday morning; we were swimming alongside each other silently, and they must have just not seen me (I would have given them a huge fright if I hadn’t slowed down)
    – the glory of warming cups of tea, post swim, in the house, wherever.
    – realising that winter is now my favourite season, and that I’m longing for December already. Crazy!

    Hope you have a great weekend! xx

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