Friday’s Inspiration

How are you doing as the week comes to a close? This week has felt long, and I am looking forward to a sweet weekend spent with the kids. Needing it now more than ever. I hope you tell someone you love them, give extra hugs and kisses, and overall, stay well and cozy.

Here’s what inspired me this week:

photobooth strips, gathered and taped to things I see daily.

the allure of cute, cheap and fast

the perfect smudge of earrings.

a weekend of short films if you’re in NYC.

Oof this is important. I feel it personally. “American Dirt happened because the veneer of progressivism remains valued far higher than the action of it...”

I keep coming back to this…. MAMBAONTHREE and #girldad

Destigmatize therapy, even as a shop owner. BRB

Always makes us laugh!

Have a great weekend!

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