Friday’s Inspiration

Today feels a bit like spring. In the sense of sun and haze floating over the city. I stood on the corner for no reason at all, just wanting and needing to soak it in. After a wild week, I’m looking forward to a more focused and planned weekend. Full, but focused. And at times, that feels more exciting than the former. I hope you had a great week.

Here’s what has inspired my own…

How To Start Therapy: Check Engine.

Blue candles + citrus = an indoors that feels like spring.

Mac Miller, Good News.

Theory Of glitter and bigger.

Hobbies, 9 months in or 9 years out, all the same.

“Privilege” reduces/individualises racism, emphasising that to be white is merely to be privileged, as opposed to a system that white people *actively* participate in as a means of world-making

Other spring things, while you sweat

Soldier of love

Anything inspired you this week? As always, thank you for being here!

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