Friday’s Inspiration

For the first time in months, I’ve decided to pause my use of gel manicures and stick to simple ones at home or from the salon. My nails kept breaking too low to describe, and it felt like a request from my body. And in the same way, my overall body has been making requests. For the most part, it’s been rest, work out, dance, cuddle, and rest some more.

This weekend, it’ll be hard to listen to the rest portion in full, as someone turns NINE!! We’ll be celebrating all weekend, and I’m very excited (and so is she) . I’m ready and I’m listening. To her and this body of mine.

Here’s what’s inspired me this week:

You Were Born For This

Forging you’re own path

WIRES for Australia. (where we donated)

Distraction vs. Action

Start here: and the compost bin we love.

Currently dancing on a Friday night.

Home Sweet Home, A Sanctuary?

Thank you all for being here as we kick off the year. I loved discussing everything from black eyed peas and good fortune to a new monthly salon night. Have an amazing weekend!

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