A Look At My Berlin Reading

Have you ever visited Berlin, Germany? I’ve been visiting since my first time in 2018, and have developed a community of readers and friends there. I’ve grown to love its gray and mild winter days. It doesn’t feel too far off from New York City as far as transportation, apartments, and just general family, work and life.

Last weekend I went back again, and had a reading and panel for Woman Of Color, hosted by my friend Katherine (who I met through this space). The thoughtful panel was based on Woman Of Color for woc living in Berlin. The conversation was hours long (we could have very-well stayed longer). It touched on immigration, beauty, racism, resistance, assimilation, erasure and what it means to anti-assimilate. The seats were full and the energy of the men and women who showed up was palpable.

I feel so honored that my book has made its way across the ocean and into valued hands and commuity. I feel honored that it stands as a piece that fosters many varying conversations, ones I had no idea it would. The same is true for me. I am forced to revisit pieces I wrote and with it, revisit pieces of myself.

A big thanks to Stefanie and Vanessa for sharing their experiences and unique stories on the panel alongside myself and Katherine. Olivia, Katherine’s 10 year-old daughter for taking many of these photos. And of course, St. George’s English Book Shop for hosting the evening, and all the people who shared space with us. I loved every minute of it.

One thought on “A Look At My Berlin Reading

  • Reply Katherine January 24, 2020 at 3:34 am

    Still counting my blessings about you doing a reading and panel discussion in Berlin. The conversations that Woman of Color has inspired are much needed to the people of color on this side of the Atlantic. Thank you so much. What an evening it was.

    Olivia wants to be your full-time photographer now, lol.

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