4 Easy Ways To Add Color Everyday This Winter

The gray days of January are rare for a New Yok winter. And despite the rarity, I could use a pop of color if and when they do arrive and lag on. As futile as it may seem, finding pockets of joy in the moment to moment on myself (while still seeking it elsewhere) has been really good for me so far. I say so far because March isn’t near, and we all know how winter can feel come March…

Maybe you’re like me, and the haze of the winter has you looking in the mirror more than usual? Or rather, it has you staring at you closet (or self) searching for a few extra inches of cheer, but it feels almost too cold to bear?

If so, you’re in luck, here are 4 very easy and proven to work, ways to add a bit of color (and joy) to your winter day:

Fingertips: An easy way for a bit of joy is a pop of color on your nails. To be honest, this works no matter the season. I usually go for bright colors in the summer and darker colors in the winter. Except, when I am needing a pick-me-up. I go for a green, like this J. Hannah or a sharp and deep red. I also like to wear stacked bright gold rings, for a chunky and stylish winter look.

Sneakers: More days than not, when running to take the kids to school, I put on my sneakers out of a pure quick need. But other than that, the pop of color that often ends up traveling with me throughout the day on my feet is completely necessary, too. It’s refreshing to look down and not just see speckled concrete. My favorites are Adidas, but anything will do, really.

Hats: While it seems like my luck has me wearing hats on the windiest days, they still are bright spots in my week. Recently, I’ve been wearing a custom Brookes Boswell hat. I love a simple beanie for myself and for the kids when I’m not willing to take a chance with the wind, or the cold requires all ears covered.

Scarves: Of course we need them this time of year, so why not make it something that helps with the day? Come February, we often resign ourselves to whatever winter gear we already have, and are afraid to get something to brighten us up for the last lag of it all. In reality, this is where I find I need every ounce of it the most. When the holiday and “New Year, New Me” energy has dissipated and I’m left trudging along. I personally love soft blanket scarves, that can be loosely tied and layered over any coat, single-handledly changing the look and the way I feel about the day, too.

Any easy ways of your own?

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