What Are Some Of The Most Important Conversations You’ve Had This Year?

With every holiday and end of year, comes lists. Lists we check off and lists we create for the year ahead. And when speaking about transitions, it wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t look at the list of conversations I’ve had (and ones I’ve refused). To be fair, I generally choose the route of talking. I don’t think all confrontation is bad. I much rather people talk, then avoid and not talk. And at times, I understand when you have to just table a pending coversation because it won’t be a decent one.

In my case, there were a few that really stand out. And to be honest, two conversations that were important exist within myself (after discussing with a friend and a therapist). It was something I had to talk myself through. Another one was with a few people about sex and teens. In these conversations, I was really challenged by and with my auto-response approach. In speaking about realities of it all, I had to expand my own future identity as a woman and mother. Another one existed over a few relationship talks over the summer. Things that really challenged who I was, who I am, and how I move through things.

I am thankful for it all, even when they still promise future challenges. Knowing that I can just talk it through with a therapist, a friend, and even, the kids when necassary, is comforting.

Any important conversations of your very own that you’re reflecting on?

P.S speaking of conversations, I am having my last in conversation with a few of my friends this Wednesday at Brooklyn Public Library (Central Location), if you’re around to join. rsvp right here.

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