Gift Guide: Sew

Years ago, I used the want, need, wear, read system as a guide to gift the kids and people close to me. And while I still follow it in a sense, my new guide is: consume, grow and sew. The guides that I give you will be with this in mind. All of these are multi-layered as they are fun. In this year alone, I’ve thought so much about this beautiful evolution. And when it comes to gifting, I think it can exist within that space. 

Without further ado, here’s some gifts for your toddlers, kids, a mother, lover, and friends that fall under sew. Essentially, these are habits, skills, and things we would like to sew into ourselves and those we love in the year to come:

+ A small pack of colorful Stashers, stuffed in stockings with sweet treats. But also used for snacks, fruits, crayons, markers, tiny collections and so much more after the holidays and into the new year. They’re freezer and dishwasher safe, and have a small wear and tear warranty (they’ll send you a new one if something happens to your existing one).

+ A pair of obviously mended yellow cropped pants, that can be worn in the winter or summer for your sister from Ace & Jig. “Every season, a few ace&jig pieces are damaged in transit. As part of our Visible Mending initiative, we collected a small assortment of these pieces, and sent each one to be lovingly mended or patched with our custom woven textile scraps. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, and was brought back to life by our friends and mending artists!

+ A stack of vintage post cards to remember to type less and write more with your grandmother.

+ A set of three canned tie-dye kits to help a friend keep up with crafts and creating in the winter. Sheets, a comforter, a shirt… all fair game.

+ A cool side-table clock for your 5 year-old, that teaches time (often, surprisingly, skipped in schools) and aids in sleep training.

+ A jump rope to help with early cordination or just to have fun.

+ A sewing kit for a very interested 9 year old, who wants to spend the winter seriously making their own spring pieces. So be it.

+ A personal care bundle for solo nights and boo-nights, for your enjoyment (or theirs) this year and next.

+ A small woven market bag with wooden fruit for Saturday morning picking, to teach the littlest how to sustain and shop in their community.

+ A wood desk for yourself or for two kids to share. With colored pencils and art books to hone in on their future art skills. Or with a simple note book for yourself to remember that writing lists is still the way of the land.

+ A meditation app that I swear by to help you, your partner, and your kids turn off, on, get grounded, centered, and aid in finding your inner happy.

+ A Baggu bag to wrap your gift, their gift, or pretty much anything for now and the year ahead for anyone you love.

+ A subscription to the Conscious Kid for your niece or nephew, because books are big teachers (and diversity in print matters).


A promise to create the habit of getting your body moving. For me, that meant signing up for Obé to work out from home during lunch or Saturday morning cartoons.

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