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Years ago, I used the want, need, wear, read system as a guide to gift the kids and people close to me. And while I still follow it in a sense, my new guide is: consume, sew and grow. The guides that I give you will be with this in mind. All of these are multi-layered as they are fun. In this year alone, I’ve thought so much about this beautiful evolution. And when it comes to gifting, I think it can exist within that space. 

Without further ado, here’s some gifts for your toddlers, kids, a mother, lover, and friends that fall under grow. Essentially, these are habits or skills, we’d like to grow within ourselves or those we love. Aditionally, these are simple gifts for growing families and kiddos.

+ A dress to be worn, before, after or during a pregnancy (for anyone). But also, to be worn not pregnant, joyfully through any process for optimal confort and supreme beauty.

+ Two books bundled together in a Baggu bag, if you choose. Two books that have made immense changes in my life when it comes to grief and growing. Two, that no matter where the stage or person, teach profound lessons now and later. The Year Of Magical Thinking and The Body Keeps The Score.

+ A print by Andre Wagner that documents that last decade. Printed in his studio and sent directly by him for a growing art collection of your very own.

+ A Game Boy for a nostalgic uncle. Or kids you want to push back in time with slightly less crazy devices.

+ A Simple Cake book for the family, to grow new traditions, simply.

+ A card from Minted with cash for growing a tiny wallet.

+ Non toxic (several ways) Babies for little boys (and girls) of all colors.

+ An on-the-go kit for your friend with the gorgeous curls from Pattern.

+ The most comfortable sneakers for growing new habits (walking more) and taking cars less, for your sister.

+ An Etsy giftcard to buy for your friend (and her new baby) to purchase whatever she may please, old, new and otherwise for her growing family.

+ A tree planted with intentions to grow in necessary spaces, in their honor.

+ Handmade cash-in gift cards for intimate relationships keen on growing. Some of my favorite ideas: massages, baths together, surprising sex dates, museum dates, talk-it-out dates, and reading dates.


Space. Space to grow. Space to realize where you may not grow, and grace to be okay with that. Of course, courage to be willing to allow such spaces and to ask of it where you may need.

2 thoughts on “Gift Guide: Grow

  • Reply steph December 16, 2019 at 12:49 am

    space! i’ve needed lots of space this december, so i made myself a list. a little bit of merriment, lots of self-care and finishing up priorities:

    re books on grief: i loved the year of magical thinking. and so happy i finally read homegoing by yaa gyasi. it came to me at just the right time and uplifted me from a sadness this august.

  • Reply Jennifer December 16, 2019 at 3:39 pm

    Gameboy!! I used to love this game system when I was a kid. I’d honestly love it if my husband or teens got this for me for Christmas! LOL! 🙂

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