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There has been no year like 2019, when it comes to the consideration of consumption. It’s not just something I am thinking about as a writer and creator of this site, but as a mother, friend, and advocate. All of our unique and seperate positions have us considering. It also isn’t as literal as it may seem, either. Consumption can and does, include news, friendships, energy, and love. I have watched as everyone around me has taken on a different stance or they’ve come to simply consider a different stance with their eyes wider than before.

Years ago, I used the want, need, wear, read system as a guide to gift the kids and people close to me. And while I still follow it in a sense, my new guide is: consume, grow and sew. The guides that I give you will be with this in mind. All of these are multi-layered as they are fun. In this year alone, I’ve thought so much about this beautiful evolution. And when it comes to gifting, I think it can exist within that space.

Without further ado, here’s some gifts for your toddlers, kids, a mother, lover, and friends that fall under consume:

+ A cast iron pot for mom, because it’s said to outlast us all. Resistant to rust. Great for slow cooking pretty much anything and everything without much of a fuss.

+ A tea set for playing for the kids and a knife for chopping. A play kitchen for the youngest, because no-man should be left out.

+ A subscription to The New Yorker for a friend, because bad news sucks. And we’re trying to consume more good in 2020.

+ A mini sriracha refillable bottle with a keychain for a traveling foodie of a partner or dad.

+ A beauty set based around saving the planet and consumption. A shampoo bar, body wash and hand soap works perfectly for a friend being a bit more mindful this year and beyond.

+ A flavorful cookbook, based on the essence of good southern cooking for your New Yorker of an aunt who is still tied to southern roots.

+ An actual CD player for your teen, because you remembered the beauty and memories of mixtapes and maybe want to create one for them (or pass down a college favorite)!

+ A book of food for your sister the entertainer for easy gatherings (or simply cooking for themselves), nothing fancy.

+ A set of plates that never break (I have proof) perfect for solo eating for your happily single girlfriend, who is there for every call, text, and at times, annoying kiddo outings. She does it with joy anyway.

+ A three-month subscription to get a dear friend (and her kids) through the winter with sometimes normal, perfectly delicious produce.

+ An agreement on a show to watch together (near or far), finally. (cute note makes it sweeter).

+ A donation in their honor to the Food Bank For New York City, or a day giving with them in spirit.

Something for yourself:

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