Friday’s Inspiration

I’m currently listening to Florence + the Machine while the kids play doctor. Typing, crossed ankles, fingers up and down and between one another, a braided body. I’m currently woven between spaces, rushing to get off and turn out the lighs on work this year, while sinking myself deep into the next week without work. It’s good to look forward to rest as the year ends.

I hope you have a great weekend.

+ This album

+ For making braids slightly easier

+ And something to wear with winter braids

+ A living legacy

+ Gather in a small space in a big way

+ Gift guides, in case you still need them

+ Merry and Bright (In New York City)

And a special note for those who are missing someone this season…

+ Got me through a year, Magical Thinking.

How to honor them around the holidays,

and a really special poem.

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