And Maybe It’s All In The Line

My make-up lately is slimmer than slim. After getting down to nothing this past summer (and loving it), I’ve been focused on my skin. It has been mostly about paying attention to my body’s physical cues to one thing or another. For instance, what I drink, eat, how much I sleep, and how it affects me. Most times, when I go too far with one thing (or too little) my skin tells me. It’s been important for me to develop this kind of relationship as I enter my 30s

At the same time, my relationship to make-up unsurprisingly shifted. I look for small things to enhance, and I am less focused on covering-up. A few months back, I played around with liquid liner and a full-eyelid. The look was loud, new, and beautiful. It reminded me of the 80s and of those living and growing in the Caribbean. Later, I started just playing with a slight swipe above the eyelid. Traveling way back to my teens and early 20s when I wore a cat-eye religiously. I only slowed down when my love of bright lipstick took over and the combination often felt like too much.

With my make-up taking a back-seat and my skin coming up first, I’ve left little time for much. Taking my old cat-eye skills and using it for a quick wet eye-shadow line has been the slight umph I need on cold days where skin is still the focus. It’s been a quick smudge of Fenty’s Match Stix and swipe of Kosas liquid liner.

When thinking about what to wear this season, I love that this use of eye shadow works for any kind of holiday outfit, but also for a travel day or a errand day. More importantly, my skin is allowed to take center stage–as it should–as I’ve never really known.

What are you wearing on your eyes lately?

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