Grief. Gratitude. Abundance.

The kids are pajama-clad and on their 15th cartoon episode. I’ve given up. There’s crafts waiting, a walk, more coffee, and some late-evening cleaning (with wine) and movies on the projector planned. I am feeling all the things, the least of which is judgement for how we are spending this chilly Friday.

Last Sunday, I spent the day organizing my closet. I assessed what I owned, folded what I kept, and created a pile for what no longer serves me. I dreamed of turning half of the hallway closet into a work-storage area, for a one-day shop. And mostly, took stock and sat deep in gratitude for this work.

And yesterday, as we stayed low during the day, and bounced around to my sister’s and friend’s late into the evening, I felt a tint of melancholy, too. The ancestral sorrow of the holiday, stolen land, and even my own little life’s ebbs and flows. And then, unsurprisingly, felt a high of gratitude for the skin I am in, the home we share, the kids I share my life with, our able-bodies, friends, family, my work, and of course, this community.

In the December issue of Lunch Lady Magazine, I shared this, “I think grief is part of the human experience and my personal connection to joy. Because grief is there, it feels tangible. Joy feels sweet and worthwhile because we know that grief, sorrow, and loss, are intricate parts of our collective journey.

Today, I am wishing you love to walk through whatever you may be grieving, observation to honor the joy, and power to sit within your abundance.

In an effort to look around with observation, here are a few of my very favorite things (that bring me joy) and codes to keep them for yourself today.



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P.S In addition to or in lieu of …

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One thought on “Grief. Gratitude. Abundance.

  • Reply steph December 2, 2019 at 3:50 pm

    i’ve been feeling this way too – a sadness around the holidays when i think about the history, current dire realities, and how to affect change when i feel powerless and institutions fail. grateful for my so many things. especially a snow day to play in, time to catch up on things and this note to self:
    the small things have a lot of power!

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