Friday’s Inspiration: Community…

What are you doing this weekend? I’ve been thinking a lot about community this week. We had a great day walking around our neighborhood yesterday, and this weekend will be much of the same (minus the candy).

Happy November, here’s what’s inspiring me this week:

+ A quote…

“Taking responsibility means that in the face of barriers we still have the capacity to invent our lives, to shape our destinies in ways that maximize our well-being. Everyday we practice this shape shifting to cope with realities we cannot easily change.”
– Bell Hooks

+ This conversation on periods (and more)

+ Love, childhood trauma, and that person

+ A very well worthwhile Family Day for books and authors in Brooklyn this Sunday (!)

+ Changing home and seasons, and an unlikely friend

(Photograph via Blvck Vrchives | Kenneth Josephson, Rochester, New York 1956)

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