Friday’s Inspiration: Bridges

In an attempt to pull together a few holiday ideas, I came across a beloved photo of Kevin McCallister (played by Macaulay Culkin) with his head sticking out of a yellow taxi. It’s the bridge scene. You know the one. And over the years, I realized whether returning home after a trip, having friends say goodbye to New York, or even going for needed walks, there’s the bridge. It’s glorious to know it’s there, in it’s glory. Even on the chilliest days, begging for a walk over.

Bridges over other kinds:

Solange, The Getty, and performance

“The idea of interrupting these sort of bleak and rigid responses to modernism and minimalism, into something soulful, intimate and communal, is what I tried to achieve with these arrangements, and what the architecture of The Getty achieves so powerfully.”

Tust, is a bridge.

Building wooden bridges.

I read this to Oak’s class this morning. But this is a close second, always.

Other things:

114,000 two let them in.

You make me happy, dance with me.

Interesting, body language.

More numbers. A wide gap.

My winter go-to lip.

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