What To Wear When: You Take A Mid-Week Personal Day

Today is Halloween, but yesterday was just another Wednesday in which I really needed a personal day. Sometimes I start the week off with so much energy, my fingertips tingle. On those days, my smile jingles and my feet tap against the cement as I run from place to place. I do it all right, and right on time. And then, by Tuesday around 4 PM, after a couple of blog posts, meetings, kids, a night out, countless of amazing (and sometimes crappy) emails, I am emotionally depleted. So much so that I find myself crawling into my weekly meditation and movement class and/or therapy session. Of course, I beleive there is some part of me that subconsiously goes all the way in just so I can feel the true relief of such sacred spaces.

Last weekend when on a panel, another business owner (and parent) suggested fitting in home errands during the week. This routine is something I adopted long ago when I realized that I spent a good portion of my Saturdays still working or needing them really truly off!

So along with class, there was groceries and laundry. But in addition to that, there was a day to do whatever I needed to give myself a mid-week personal day. Which I have to say, made me feel more prepared fot this very spooky Thursday holiday.

In my opinon, personal days are also about wearing whatever you want. So whether sweats, leather, or high heels, do whatever works for you.

Here’s a similar summation of what I wore on my personal day:

A vintage leather trench for tying and looking especially fancy while srolling museums.

A plaid midi dress used as a layer over a basic t-shirt.

A pair of stretch skinny bootcut jeans by Everlane.

A Baggu bag for what’s collected during the day (on days off, I like to collect too)! And a book that inspires you to crawl in a cafe to read, write, or both.

Spiral earrings for a day that you hope to be spiral-less.

A touch of lip color to undo the darker shades.

And tumeric mules with a real bite of tumeric because someone finally remembered inflammation cures.

Other things I did:

Think about how thankful I am for love. So much love.

Imagine and re-imagine what my room may look like in a darker shade.

Planned a community event to give back this holiday season (more soon).

Listened to a new jazz record.

Went to lunch at the normal spot and ordered the usual and internally laughed that I am one of those people where there is a “usual.”

Do you take mid-week personal days? Or any personal days? And if so, what do you wear? Sweats or get all dressed up?

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4 thoughts on “What To Wear When: You Take A Mid-Week Personal Day

  • Reply Georgia November 1, 2019 at 10:32 am

    Because I work evening and overnights, I often find myself with a random day off in the middle of the week. Since I wear scrubs to work this is often my only chance to play around with outfits and styles (I love a good turtleneck or cashmere sweater with jeans and earthy boots for fall :)) I get more into dressing in the summer – I love a good dress and sandals or flowy tops with jeans or cut offs and Huaraches or sneakers to run around in
    The second it gets cold out I dress for the weather, and still haven’t figured out how to do that and still have fun with clothes (any advice on that one?)

    tbh the best perk of midweek time off is grocery shopping or hitting a park or museum when everyone else is at work, haha! You feel like you’re breaking the rules somehow. It’s nice having these usually crowded places to yourself.

    • Reply latonya November 4, 2019 at 12:23 pm

      Hi Georgia!

      I love this request! I usually layer like ac razy person, so the outfit itslef is super cute, but the essentiallys are practical AND warm. I’ll tackle this in a style post soon. Thank you for the idea!

      AND YESSS! I feel like I’m stealking or something when I can go to Trader Joes or the musuem solo. I’m like, wohoooo! hahah


  • Reply steph November 3, 2019 at 4:11 pm

    tumeric and marigold have been such saviors lately! my food allergies have gotten worse and i would have gone insane without marigold steam towels. more on that and taking personal time here: https://tps-steph.blogspot.com/2019/10/0047-just-do-it.html
    excited to hear about your community event!

    • Reply latonya November 4, 2019 at 12:24 pm

      Hi Steph! Marigold steam towels? I’m litteraly just taking a bite of tumeric! Also, such gorgeous photos, thank you for sharing your blog. xoxo

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