What To Wear When: Seasons Change but Your Style Does Not

What I suffer from lately is a non-equivalent likeness, accelerated by ease, and only multiplied by the turning of the leaves. The way this denim trench has stuck around, and the way the other (worn in yesterday’s post) fits me just right in the evening has kept me wondering. This is not to say that I don’t like it. It is the kind of like that you enjoy but leaves you questioning. Maybe, if I rearrange the things in my closet, the deisre and likeness will shift? Or maybe, if I wrap my hair less, more, or with a different color scarf, I’d grab something else? This is also not made easy by the addition of a tiny vintage coat rack next to my apartment door. This summer I hung woven totes. And this fall I keep leaving my trench coats right where I sub-consciously need them to be.

In the grand scheme of life, these aren’t issues. I find myself the lucky owner of two completely different and gorgeous trench coats that my body craves. Just as it does another hot coffee at 3 PM on the DOT. When I’ve found myself fussing about this topic in my head, I’ve realized it is more or less the cobbler not having any shoes situation. Except I have many. The ones I do have, require little thought or style process. And there’s the fuss.

Maybe, the work is very much in a continued realization that certain things are surprisingly beloved beyond season and one track crumbling desires to attempt something different. And the fuss is a made up single-player game. Neverthless, we’ll hold the thoughts and enjoy another eupeptic autumn, just as we were and are.

+ I’m wearing an Ilana Kohn denim trench

+ In yesterday’s post I was wearing this Club Monaco one that I also love.

+ This black one is super inexpensive and I love the shape of it.

+ And a brown vintage one is always a good bet.

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