Friday’s Inspiration: Moseying Afternoons and Museums

Hey, happy Friday! How was your week? I’m kind of excited the week is over. It’s just one of those weekends I find the reset so very necessary. I can sort of feel that deep need in my bones. Which often feels pretty rare around here. I often joke that my Saturday’s are like most Monday’s (catching up etc..) But my true goal right now is to have as real of a weekend as possible.

With that said, I’m enjoying a glass of wine and tomato soup and looking forward to the farmers market moseying bright and early tomorrow with River and Oak. And earlier today I spent a chunk of it putting the weekend plan in motion. There was a late lunch with a friend and walking around Chinatown and the Lower East Side solo. There was musuems and a hope for a surge of inspiration instead of anticipation–which I felt was the theme of this week.

A few things that inspired me:

+ Old photos of River and Oak I forgot about. Thanking my lucky stars for an iphone and camera. The babysitter who keeps me up-to-date with his amazing camera skills when I’m away as well.

+ This song. Just so smooth. cruisin.

+ This friend. Selfish.

+ Queen & Slim (mark your calendars)

+ Sonnet James’ newest collection is stunning. I’m so proud of Whitney

+ I’m one of many

+ For Mental Health Awarness Day I added this in the newsletter, maybe you’ll find use for it too? I can’t recomend it enough. I wrote you a letter yeasterday, I hope you found it helpful. I love you

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