6 Of My Summer Outfits (And Why I Photographed them)

At first it seemed like a vain endeavor I was embarassed by. Just something to show on social media etc… Then, I realized it was part of my work. Dressing up and showing others, and with that, hopefully inspiring them to get dressed (or undressed) for the heat, is an extension of my career. After a few photos and feeling proud of not only the outfits, but the images, I realized it was so much more.

With the sound of my camera’s shutter, documenting an outfit as I’m running out the door, or as the kids run butt-naked after the bath and I head to a party, or if I’m lucky, after a work-out in my living room, I felt the mirror unblur a tiny bit. And not in the way that exercising provides-cuting and sculpting. This was a clarity on a deeper sense, with what may seem like a silly and surface action.

It’s been over a week of getting dressed, taking a photo, and feeling good about the simplicity of this. Looking back, I think the photo provides a sense of internal evidence and validation, that I not only tried, but I did what I could for my body, mind, and day. And it isn’t about then displaying it on social media or work, but rather, an inner-self that wants to enjoy her wardrobe and body, even in 90 degrees.

Here are a few simple outfits I snapped, if you want to give it a try:

For a picnic date with friends: A vintage skirt, tube top, denim slides, fan, tiny woven bag and head scarf.

For a heat advisory day with the kids: bodysuit, cut-off shorts, Birkenstocks, net shopping bag, bandana, and sunglasses (I ended up taking the glasses off)

For the next morning when the heat subsided and the kids had splash-pad plans and I had work-from-your-computer-in-a-cafe plans: cut-offs (again), vintage purple top, green Pumas, large woven tote, scarf

For a night with friends when I dripped sweat, and baggy was the way to go: Ace & Jig trousers, Ace & Jig sneakers, tiny woven bag, Taylor jay wrap top

For a Wednesday night work dinner at The Brooklyn Grange (rooftop garden), and the rain cleared: Cut-offs (yet again), vintage sheer top, brown sandals, mini basket bag, and scarf

I also love the fact that a camera provides a sense of history too. To look back on and be inspired by things I wore once, and as always, to be reminded to put them to use again.

One thought on “6 Of My Summer Outfits (And Why I Photographed them)

  • Reply Leslie August 9, 2019 at 10:24 am

    You’ve inspired me to be more bold in how I dress each day. Now I’ll take your cue and start photographing my outfits. It is scary because I hear my mother’s voice (who do you think you are? Who would want to see what you’re wearing every day?) wow! Interesting how our upbringing can still inhibit us 50 years later. I love your reasoning behind it. Making an effort for myself should be enough. Thank you for your creativity.

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