Friday’s Inspiration (& Heat Wave Recipe)

How was your week? We are preparing for a heat wave, and I’m already feeling it. Truthfully, all I really want to do is lay naked under the air conditioner with music on in the background.

This week, I’ve been inspired by so very much. Like this video.

But what’s been on my mind in the background of it all, is summer food. And how my relationship to it is slightly changing. For instance, I’ve made dinner four times this week. That’s more than most weeks in the last few months. I know it is without a doubt due to a new and welcomed space in my schedule, but it’s also because we retire home early and go to sleep late. I’ve been sharing our dinners in my instagram stories, if you’d like to look. But as always, on hot nights like these, we will likely end up with sandwhiches or a finger/veggie platter.

Speaking of food, here’s a heatwave weekend recipe:

  1. a barely-there dress.
  2. a fan (in addition to the air conditioner)
  3. favorite sandals in a new color (as of today!)
  4. sun protection and bug protection
  5. a tiny pool for a grown up who may be kidless for a couple of hours
  6. and a genius idea or shaking the sand.

Also, how to keep your kids safe during a heatwave. and #instagramtherapy

And thank you for your comments in this post. Please keep sharing.

Have a great weekend!

(Photograph by Aubrey)

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