Friday’s Inspiration: Fire Hydrant On? Check

It’s peak heat hour and I am imagining open fire hydrants, block parties, the farmers market, catching up on writing, bills, and errands for this weekend. More jars full of crashing ice and coffee and bubbles in a can that sweats. YES PLEASE.

This week, I’ve been inspired by people. You! To be honest. How you come here. How we support one another in times of need. And how, even when things don’t feel so, we are reminded that the world is full of good and kind people.

Thank you for being here!


+ Jet, finally where it belongs. YES!

“Even if the founders of these foundations might not have imagined these funds being put to this use, what’s important and exciting is these African American images are central to understanding America and I think that’s what the diversified support for this purchase underscores as well,”

+ I’m sort of detoxing (more soon, promise) and that includes no “real” makeup. Except a bit of this blush and these lips.

+ Speaking of belonging… books to be bought. But also sort of like a museum.

+ Vintage purple shirts and gold nesting tables as seen on Instagram. here, here, and here

(Photograph by Leondard Freed.)

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