13 Things That Brought Me Joy This Week

There is no doubt that some days and weeks are harder than others. I really love the saying, “Count it all joy.” It reminds me to put everything I have in perspective. The good days, the bad days, the days in-between. Even when I’m distracted and can’t think of much to write––remembering why I find joy in it, is so important. And oftentimes, it means writing it all down. Here are 13 things that brought me joy this week:

  1. Watching the protests in Puerto Rico, and being inspired by how so many stood up and fought for better together.
  2. Dancing with River to our new favorite album.
  3. Seeing how others rallied for a dear friend.
  4. My new necklace that benefits Planned Parenthood
  5. A mason jar full of iced coffee. And myself, for remembering to bring it.
  6. My morning meditation 4 days in a row
  7. Wednesday morning core pilates with K
  8. “Kale Rice” that one night, and the kids who happily ate it.
  9. My kid’s lopsided scootersauras helmet this morning as he rode his bike on the sidewalk. Curls poking through, eyes slightly covered, and chest out.
  10. One night with 8 steady hours of sleep. Yay!
  11. Purple sparkle nails since my birthday.
  12. This night. And this photo.
  13. 5 or more phone calls in the last two days “just because.”

And You?

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Photography by Nadine and Poupette for babaã.

5 thoughts on “13 Things That Brought Me Joy This Week

  • Reply katherine July 26, 2019 at 4:47 am

    Count it all joy is such a beautiful saying. It is a tender reminder to embrace all the parts of our lives. I have to put it up on my kitchen wall.

    • Reply Becky Baker July 26, 2019 at 2:38 pm

      Laying in the garden and listening to the birdsong. Sneaking in on my daughters afternoon nap to have one too. Coffee coffee, always joy in my coffee cup. And reading your blog! I’ve been following your blog/Instagram for well over a year now and it never ceases to inspire me, in creativity, motherhood, style, feminity, and so much more. Whenever I’ve finished reading I always find myself with energy to write (wether that’s a poem or a list), to wear something bold that makes me happy, to give myself grace, to enjoy the moment. Your writing gives my life a lot of joy. Thank you!

      • Reply latonya July 26, 2019 at 5:22 pm


        This is the nicest thing to say, ever! Thank you so much. I am so happy you enjoy this space and are inspired in some way. It does make me feel like the work is worth it or it’s so much more than work-which is entirely the point. And my daily hope.

        I kept nodding at your list, because they resonate with me. Iced coffee and naps, yes!


    • Reply latonya July 26, 2019 at 5:19 pm

      Yes! I write it on our chalkboard wall. It reminds me first thing in the morning.


  • Reply Meghan July 26, 2019 at 2:36 pm

    -my new weekly sessions with my therapist who gives words to my feelings
    -time spent swimming with girlfriends and our kids, who happily eat hot dogs and alllllll the snacks from Aldi
    -summer camp at the farm where my son continues to learn about empathy and problem solving
    -when friends reach out to me, rather than it being one-sided
    -stolen moments with my husband to chat about our day in the bathroom
    -extra ice cream dates

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